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Just like you visit the dentist a few times a year to have your teeth checked and you see your family doctor for a yearly physical, it's important to get into your chiropractor a few times a year to have your nerves, muscles and spine checked! Regular chiropractic wellness appointments are so beneficial, that it's actually been shown through research to reduce the number of days a year spent with low back pain!

While everyone is different in the number of times they may need to be seen a year, the doctors at Cedar Valley Chiropractic work with you to create a chiropractic wellness schedule that fits your short and long-term health goals!  

You can trust the chiropractors at cedar valley chiropractic in Cedar Falls to help you in your wellness journey!  

Chronic pain management

Chronic pain is responsible for the most years lived with a disability world-wide, with low back pain and headache disorders being the top two causes! Chronic pain is a complex problem that is caused by dysfunction in your biology, psychology, and your social surroundings. These three things all contribute to chronic pain syndromes and require a doctor trained in a biopsychosocial approach to pain. 

Dr. Dugger trained at the VA Hospital Pain Management Department, treating veterans in chronic pain and drug withdrawal programs. He routinely met with a care team of psychologists, medical doctors, pharmacists and physical therapists to create care plans that would help people to better understand and manage their pain. At Cedar Valley Chiropractic pain management believes that chiropractors are part of your care team and believe in working with other providers to help you back to living your best life!

STop suffering alone, call and schedule at Cedar Valley Chiropractic in cedar falls today!

Sports Injury

Cedar Valley Chiropractic Sport & Spine
5529 University Ave, Cedar Falls, IA 50613 

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