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X-Ray/Imaging Necessity

“Do I need x-rays?” 


While many chiropractors require multiple sets of x-rays at your first appointment, here at Cedar Valley Chiropractic in Cedar Falls, Iowa, we are more conservative in our orders for imaging. One of the major reasons x-rays aren’t needed very often is because what is found on the x-ray images doesn't always match what you're feeling. 


If you took an MRI of a 40-year-old person with no low back pain, there’s about a 70% chance they have degeneration in their spine and a 50% chance they have a disc herniation. Again, these people have no low back pain. Imaging is a great invention and can helps healthcare providers discover serious problems, but only when it is necessary. 


Having a chiropractor that has the clinical experience and understanding of what’s causing your problems will save you both money and time spent on appointments. That’s where we come in.


Our goal at Cedar Valley Chiropractic is to: 

Educate you on your problem 

Promote independence through movement 

And encourage resiliency through a better understanding of your body. 

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