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Reducing opioid use with chiropractic therapy - Chiropractic therapy for opioid use disorder

Pain management and opioid use often go hand in hand, but they don’t have to. Research suggests that chiropractic care can significantly reduce the likelihood of becoming addicted to opioids; and because of this, it’s quickly becoming recognized as a healthy, cost-effective, front-line treatment of pain by the medical community.

Chiropractic treatments for opioid use disorder Many people think chiropractors only focus on treating musculoskeletal conditions, but true chiropractic is a holistic approach that also uses nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle guidance to address the patient’s healthcare needs. In many cases, chiropractors will work closely with a patient's family doctor or other members of their care team to address certain issues.

Chiropractic treatments for opioid use disorder focus on addressing the pain at its source, using treatment methods that allow the body to heal naturally. While pain medications may help manage pain, they don't typically solve the original problems causing the discomfort.

Over time, if these underlying causes of pain are not addressed it can lead to surgery — only further necessitating the need for opioids. With chiropractic care, the goal is to avoid surgery and the need for pain medication before a dependence can even start. It can also help patients who already suffer from opioid addiction by addressing the pain directly and applying a holistic approach to their overall health. Acute pain to long-term dependence It’s already clear how chronic pain can lead to opioid dependence, but did you know acute pain can lead to addiction too? Even temporary use of opioids for pain management can significantly increase a patient’s chance of addiction. Research has found the following relationship between the length of use and chance of dependence: ● 1 day — 6% ● 8 days — 13.5% ● 31 days — 30% The use of adjustments and movement-focused rehab significantly reduces the chances of dependence by giving patients an alternative way to treat their pain. More healthcare professionals are now recommending chiropractic adjustments to prevent acute pain from becoming a chronic issue. What can chiropractic adjustments do for you? Chiropractic adjustments look at the body as an interconnected structure. In other words, the pain in your neck may not be from your neck, but from multiple surrounding factors including posture, weak muscles, poor movement patterns, and/or inflammation caused by your diet. This is why chiropractic care is so effective in addressing pain in various locations on the body. Pain that chiropractic treatments in our office can help treat include:

● Headaches ● Neck pain ● Back pain (upper and lower) ● Joint pain ● Arm or leg pain ● TMJ ● Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ● Pregnancy-related pain ● Numbness and tingling Chiropractic care in Cedar Falls, Iowa Get the care you need and treat your pain at its source with Cedar Valley Chiropractic. We want to help you feel better, move better, and stay better.

Schedule an appointment or call us today to learn more about chiropractic therapies for opioid use disorder and how you can reduce or eliminate your need for pain medication.

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