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How Proper Posture Will Help Your Health - Chiropractors in Cedar Falls Iowa Discuss

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

For most people, posture is one of those things you don’t think about until you have to think about it. Bad posture in the short term won’t cause you any significant problems aside from some aches and an increased risk for injury. But over time, poor posture can lead to more chronic health problems ranging from frequent headaches, chronic back or neck pain, and in some cases, problems in the shoulders or hips. Here’s how practicing better posture can benefit your health.

What are the benefits of having good posture?

There are many benefits to having good posture, but the main benefits are what you avoid having with bad posture. When you sit, stand, or walk in unhealthy ways, it can take a toll on your body and increase your risk for injury.

10 benefits of good posture:

  1. Reduces lower back pain

  2. Reduces number of headaches

  3. Increases energy levels

  4. Decreases tension

  5. Reduces the risk for injury

  6. Improves lung capacity

  7. Improves circulation and digestion

  8. Improves discomfort associated with TMJ

  9. Helps you better target specific muscles during workouts

  10. Increases your confidence

Good posture is powerful. When you give the body a more healthy and functional posture, you allow it to function properly and work more efficiently. This is why chiropractic care is an excellent alternative to traditional medicine when addressing discomfort from muscles, joints and nerves. Good posture can provide you with significant relief by improving your body’s natural mechanics and ability to heal itself.

How can a chiropractor help improve your posture?

Chiropractors can help improve your posture with focused corrections, lifestyle and diet recommendations, and at-home exercises. We take a holistic approach to addressing your pain and making sure you are feeling and looking your best. However, unlike some chiropractors we rarely solely rely on manual manipulations to accomplish this.

Your chiropractor will give your posture a thorough examination before giving you personalized guidance on how you can improve it. You will also be asked questions to better understand your level of discomfort, how it feels in the body, and what factors may be causing for poor posture.

What is healthy posture?

Good posture occurs when you have a neutral spine in a resting position. Your resting position is how you carry yourself during everyday movements (walking, sitting, doing yard work, doing laundry, etc.) , which is likely how you carry yourself most of the day. When relaxed, your muscles should support the spine equally and only allow for normal bends and curves.

When standing, your knees should have a slight bend so that you aren’t hyperextending your legs. Without this slight bend, you aren’t giving your body proper circulation, and it causes uneven wear on your joints.

Understanding healthy sitting posture is vital, especially if you work at a desk and are required to sit for many hours every day. When sitting, both feet should be flat on the floor, and you should have even weight on your hips. Your spine should also be mostly straight; some curvature is natural.

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