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Why Are Functional Movements Important For Our Lifestyle? Cedar Falls Chiropractor Discusses

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Do you find yourself sitting at your desk for hours on end, hunched over a computer screen? If so, then it might be time to start incorporating full body adjustment chiropractor services and chiropractic functional movements into your personal and business lifestyle.

What Are Functional Movements?

Functional movements are full-body movements designed to simulate everyday activities in a safe and controlled setting. Exercises should be able to cover a full range of motion and include strengthening movements for the core.

Benefits of Full-body Functional Movement for Work:

  • Improves Posture: Core exercises help correct posture by engaging your abdominal and back muscles.

  • Flexibility: Working out the body can promote a healthier lifestyle by increasing the range of motion in joints and muscles.

  • Stability: Full-body exercises help support your physical balance.

  • Strength: Functional movement exercises, regardless of the weight you use, can increase strength by engaging specific muscle groups used in everyday life.

  • Mental Balance: Creates a balance between the brain and body by stimulating different areas of the brain through exercise.

How Can I Incorporate Functional Movement at Home?

Functional movement is for everyone, and not difficult to incorporate into your everyday life. Physical movements like stretching or lifting heavy objects are a great way to stay healthy and productive, regardless of your work environment. Some examples of functional movement exercises may include:

  • Push-Ups: A high-intensity motion that focuses on chest and triceps strength and drastically increases push strength.

  • Squats: Squatting is a low-intensity and repetitive movement, so it should be an integral part of any exercise routine.

  • Lunges: Lunges work your glutes and quads while also stretching out the hamstrings.

  • Shoulder Rolls: These movements help back pain by expanding the chest and loosening up the shoulder muscles.

  • Planks: A deep arm burn that helps maximize muscle building and core strength.

  • Intermediate Yoga: Exercises such as Bird-Dogs or Cat-Cow poses can stretch the spine and improve posture, relieving back pain from too much sitting.

These exercises will improve everyday functions, even simple actions like getting up out of your chair or reaching for high shelves.

Functional movement is a full-body movement that can help you get back to living life with increased mobility and less pain. If you do not see any improvement through functional movement exercises, it might be time for an outside perspective from a professional who has the knowledge and experience to help.

Where Can I Find An Affordable Chiropractor Near Me?

Cedar Valley Chiropractic Sport and Spine offer personalized care explicitly tailored towards your needs such as our full body adjustment chiropractor sessions. We are always happy to provide consultations as well as general chiropractic appointments if needed! See for yourself why we are the best chiropractic team in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Contact us today to get started.

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